As the front-runner in the supply of custom made lounges, Leisure Lounges always has to be on the cutting edge of what's new in colour, fabric and design trends. Helping us stay on top of our game, is fabric supplier Warwick Fabrics.

With its headoffice based in Melbourne, Warwick Fabrics has showrooms in Sydney, Adelaide, Brisbane and various other areas within Australia. They also have showrooms in New Zealand and the United Kingdom.

One of the reasons we like to present the Warwick range of fabrics to our clients who want to reupholster an old lounge or have a new lounge custom made, is the fact that Warwick Fabrics has always been on the front lines of the newest trends in fabric design. During the sixties and seventies it was velvet and vinyl. Then, during the eighties, we saw the emergence of suede and leather as popular options for new lounges.

Whatever the new trend is, Warwick Fabrics has it.

Although Warwick Fabrics export to more than 50 countries, they have their fabric mills in Australia, which does a lot to boost the local economy. 

With a keen eye on the newest trends and keeping up the quality of their fabrics, Leisure Lounges is proud to use Warwick Fabrics as part of our custom made lounge design

Have a look at Warwick Fabrics' beautiful range of lounge fabrics to inspire your own ideas for a custom made lounge.