Custom size ottomans

After a long day at work, one often wants nothing more than to put your feet up upon arriving home. Unfortunately, often this indulgence is short lived as someone either wants to sit beside you or you receive a pointed look for having your feet on the sofa.

This problem can easily be alleviated with the introduction of an ottoman - a padded stool designed with so many uses.

But an ottoman is much more than something to put your feet on. Let us design and manufacture an ottoman for you that also holds storage space for those throws, kids’ toys or magazines that are always lying around your lounge room. Here at Leisure Lounges in Sydney, we can do it all!

Hand crafted Ottomans - 100% Australian made

Much like Leisure Lounge’s sofas, our ottomans are hand crafted and 100% Australian made. And like all our sofas, the design of your ottoman is also completely customisable to suit your exact taste and interior decorating needs.

With over 300 quality fabrics available from our stockists, we are sure to be able to create an ottoman that fits in perfectly with your design needs.

We manufacture to your dimensions