Channel Nine contracted us to custom build their new screening room in their Sydney head office. The job consisted of two critical and custom made elements. The first element was a carpeted platform, this not only provided a cinema type experience to the room, it also allowed for two rows of lounges, and people to be sitting down on said lounges without blocking any views of the big screen. The second element was two extra large lounges, each of which were not only long enough to comfortably seat ten adults in the top row and eight adults in the front row, but also deep enough for everyone to truly lounge and relax. We went for a darker colour palette in each element as it was vital that everyone using the room did get that authentic cinema feel and were able to unwind. Each of the elements were a compliment to each other, and the materials and colours used. They were also specifically designed for the room so they fit perfectly and so the overall space in the room was used to advantage.