We all see the furniture ads on television every day. They seem like good deals but there is a negative: you will have furniture of a lesser quality that looks just like the furniture in the house next door.

If you want quality furniture to suit your exact needs, then custom made furniture is your answer. Although many believe that custom made furniture comes with an exorbitant price tag, this couldn’t be further from the truth when you deal with a trustworthy furniture store like Leisure Lounges. Here you can have your lounge custom made to suit your space, your lifestyle and definitely your pocket.

But why a custom made lounge? Why not just walk into any furniture store and buy the first lounge you find?

First of all, if your lounge has not been custom made, then it has been made in bulk. These lounges are designed to suit the average room and then made in bulk from the cheapest material possible. When you buy one of these bulk made lounges, you run the risk of coming home and your lounge just not fitting quite right into your space.

The other problem will be the inferior quality of your lounge. Bulk made lounges just can’t hold a candle to the superior quality of a custom made lounge and will rarely last more than a couple of years.

When we custom make a lounge for you, we pay attention to every last detail of your lounge. You can give us the exact measurements so your lounge will fit perfectly into your space. Whether your room is bigger or smaller than the average, your custom made lounge will fit perfectly. And you can rest assured about the quality of your lounge, since all our lounges carry a full 10 year warranty.

Custom making a lounge doesn’t stop with the size. You can choose the fabric to cover it with that will go perfectly with the design of the rest of your room. And if your whole room needs a make-over, why not ask our interior designer to come up with some great design ideas to help you fill that space with beauty and elegance?

You will never go wrong when choosing to have a lounge custom made by Leisure Lounges. Contact us for a free quote and you will see that it is not only affordable but true value for money.

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