Choosing a colour for the interior of your house is maybe one of the biggest design problems most people have to deal with. As the colour will form the basis of the rest of your design, it is important to choose a colour that you will be happy with for the foreseeable future.

Many of us play it safe and stick to neutrals as far as possible. This is good, as long as you choose an accent colour to add to the room. When using only neutrals, you will find that the interior of your house looks washed out and will soon need to be redesigned. Adding red, turquoise, bright burnt orange or another accent colour will add some zest to your room, while keeping that clean feel of the other neutral colours. Add your accent colour in accessories like lamps, cushions or a vase.

A rug with bold patterns in your accent colour can accentuate your room beautifully.

Whatever colour you choose to anchor the interior design of your house, always remember that your house should reflect you. Different colours carry different messages. In this way, greens can portray that you are a nature lover. Light blues and turquoise remind us of the ocean and has a relaxed, calming effect. Yellows and oranges will tell everyone that you have fun with life, while navy blue will show that you have grown up and love a more classic look.

When deciding on a colour to use in your interior design, remember that certain colours go well together. Black and white will always work well together. You can also add an accent colour to these two. If you are looking for something a little more fun, why not try lime green and bright yellow together? Just be careful of teaming red with black, as it will darken your space and it may make it look gothic - unless that is the style you are aiming for.

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