Custom Sofa Beds in Campbelltown - Comfort and Style for Your Home

Why Choose Our Sofa Beds in Campbelltown?

Leisure Lounges offers a range of high-quality sofa beds designed to provide both comfort and style. Whether you're furnishing a guest room or need a versatile piece for your living area, our sofa beds are the perfect solution. Our designs combine functionality with aesthetics, ensuring that your sofa bed not only serves as a comfortable seating option but also enhances the overall look of your room.

Customisation Options for Your Sofa Bed

At Leisure Lounges, we understand that every home is unique. That's why we offer extensive customisation options to ensure your sofa bed perfectly complements your decor and meets your specific needs. Choose from a wide range of premium fabrics and leathers, including options that are both stylish and durable. Customise the size, style, and features of your sofa bed to create a piece that fits seamlessly into your space.

Premium Quality and Comfort

Our sofa beds are handcrafted in our Sydney workshop using the finest materials. We prioritise quality and comfort in every piece we create. From durable frames made of F7 grade timber to high-density Dunlop Enduro support foam that provides optimal support, we ensure every component of our sofa beds meets our high standards. Our attention to detail and commitment to excellence result in furniture that is both beautiful and long-lasting.

About Dunlop Enduro Support Foam

Our sofa beds and other seating options feature Dunlop Enduro Support Foam, a high-density foam renowned for its durability, superior comfort, and support. Key features of Dunlop Enduro Support Foam include:

  • Superior Comfort and Support: Offers excellent bounce-back capabilities and retains its shape longer.
  • Lifetime Warranty: For domestic furniture applications.
  • 10-Year Warranty: For bedding applications.
  • Safety Standards: Meets ignition resistance to AS/NZS 3744.1 and contains antimicrobial treatment Ultra-Fresh, ensuring a cleaner, healthier seating experience.

Advanced Sofa Bed Mechanisms

Our sofa beds incorporate advanced mechanisms to ensure ease of use and maximum comfort. We use the 3500 Series and 3800 Series mechanisms:

  • 3500 Series Mechanism:

    • Anti-Tilt Feature: Keeps the unit in contact with the floor at all times in the open position, ensuring safety and stability.
    • Double-Locking TV Headrest: Provides added comfort while lounging or watching TV by raising the upper body. It also restricts the unit from being cycled while in the "up" position to reduce field failures.
    • Body-Support Tubes and Wires: Enhance support in the body section to eliminate sagging. Cross tubes keep the unit square and enhance strength.
    • Contoured Seat Section: Offers a wider seating area by allowing seating close to the arm.
    • All-Square Tubular Heavy-Duty Construction: Provides a strong and visually appealing look with improved safety and comfort.
    • Pro-Deck™: Two-ply ballistic decking material enhances durability and visual appeal.
    • Engineered Low-Profile Linkage: Keeps all metal parts below the mattress line, making it easy to operate.
  • 3800 Series Mechanism:

    • Anti-Tilt Feature: Ensures the unit remains stable and in contact with the floor in the open position.
    • Double-Locking TV Headrest: Enhances comfort for lounging or TV watching, restricting cycling in the "up" position to prevent failures.
    • Coolmax™ Gel Mattress: Combines gel and memory foam for ultimate sleeping comfort.
    • Heavy-Duty Construction: Features all-square tubular construction for strength and safety.
    • Pro-Deck™: Similar to the 3500 series, enhances durability and aesthetic appeal.
    • Dual One-Piece Round Tubular Legs: Provide enhanced stability and strength, allowing operation from the center or side position.

These mechanisms are designed for both residential and contract use, ensuring durability and reliability.

Comfortable Coolmax™ Gel Mattress

Our sofa beds come with the luxurious Coolmax™ Gel Mattress, which is a revolutionary hybrid of cool gel-embedded memory foam and innersprings. This mattress features:

  • Cushioning Fiberfill Top Layer: Provides initial comfort and softness.
  • Gel-Embedded Memory Foam: Offers cool, soothing sleep by responding to a person’s body temperature.
  • Bonnell Innersprings: Ensure robust support and durability.

The Coolmax™ mattress is available in various widths and offers a height of 6 inches, providing the perfect combination of comfort and support for a good night's sleep.

Serving Campbelltown and Surrounding Areas

Leisure Lounges is conveniently located at 6/9 Yarmouth Place, Smeaton Grange NSW 2567, making it easy for customers in Campbelltown and surrounding areas to visit us. We proudly serve the local community, providing custom sofa beds that cater to diverse tastes and preferences. Additionally, we offer Australia-wide delivery, ensuring you can enjoy our custom furniture no matter where you are located.

Customer Reviews and Testimonials

Our customers love the comfort and versatility of our sofa beds. Here’s what some of them have to say:

  • "The custom sofa bed we ordered from Leisure Lounges fits perfectly in our guest room. It's both stylish and incredibly comfortable." - Sarah T., Campbelltown
  • "Leisure Lounges provided exceptional service and crafted a sofa bed that exceeded our expectations. We highly recommend them!" - John D., Sydney

Read more testimonials from satisfied clients who have enhanced their homes with our custom furniture.

How to Order Your Custom Sofa Bed

Ready to enhance your home with a custom sofa bed? Contact us today to discuss your customisation options. Our team of experts will guide you through the process, ensuring you get a sofa bed that perfectly suits your style and comfort needs. Visit our showroom in Campbelltown or reach out online to start designing your dream sofa bed.

Transform your home with a custom sofa bed from Leisure Lounges. Contact us today to start your customisation journey and create a sofa bed that perfectly fits your style and comfort needs.

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