Furniture Harrington Park

When looking for furniture, Harrington Park residents' furniture store of choice is Leisure Lounges.

Harrington Park, a suburb of the Macarthur region of Sydney, boasts a rich and interesting history. It was surveyed for the first time in 1795, where it was discovered to consist of furtile farming land. 

The property changed hands a few times over the years until sir Warwick Oswald Fairfax bought it in 1944. Although it has developed into the thriving Harrington Park community, a small part of the land is still in the hands of the Fairfax family, who once owned The Sydney Morning Herald.

At Leisure Lounges, it is our mission to provide furniture to the Harrington Park community. Our Narellan showroom is a mere 4 minute drive from the centre of Harrington Park. So it makes sense for the residents of Harrington Park to shop at Leisure Lounges for all their furniture needs.

Since Harrington Park was initially a farm where cattle made their home, it is just fitting that our beautiful and affordable leather lounges grace the homes of Harrington Park residents. Made from classic leather provided by suppliers like NSW Leather and Italia Cuoi, you can know that you have the best quality furniture Harrington Park has to offer.

But Leisure Lounges doesn't only supply leather furniture. Our range also includes modular lounges, chaise lounges, ottomans or any custom made lounge you can dream of. You really need to visit our showroom so you can see our beautiful range of custom made furniture for yourself.

Whatever the furniture needs of Harrington Park residents, Leisure Lounges is here to fulfil them.