Custom Lounges: The benefits of buying local.

When you decide on a piece of furniture for your house it’s a choice you’ll be living with for ten years or more. That’s why it’s so important to make the right choice, not only in looks but in quality craftsmanship.

The reasons for choosing Australian made when you purchase a custom lounge go beyond the satisfaction of knowing that you’re supporting our local economy.

Guaranteed superior quality

At Leisure Lounges, we manufacture our furniture right here in Australia, sourcing only the sturdiest Australian timber and most comfortable Dunlop foam.

While many import companies claim to use real leather, often it is cheap or not even real. Our leather is the real deal; Italian leather that will not only look and feel beautiful, but will stand the test of time.

Reliable mechanisms

The last thing you want is a beautiful recliner that stops working properly, which is why we only work with the world’s leading manufacturer of mechanisms, Leggett and Platt. The components of these US designed mechanisms not only offer reliably smooth and almost effortless operation, they come with a three year warranty. Should something go wrong after that period, it is easy for Leisure Lounges to access the parts needed to repair your lounge and give it a new lease of life.

Leisure Lounges uses Leggett and Platt because we trust that they are the best in the business and we want our customers to enjoy the highest quality furniture possible.

Australian made means no short cuts or nasty chemicals

Foreign importers often include large amounts of nasty chemicals such as formaldehyde in their leather production process. This can result in furniture having an unpleasant smell and even potentially causing skin irritation and breathing difficulties in some people.

Unreliable overseas manufacturers will also cut corners by using plastic for handles instead of metal, resulting in furniture that is a lot more likely to break within a short time period.

We’re here for you

Buying an imported lounge generally means that you are totally on your own if something goes wrong. When you order from a local supplier such as Leisure Lounges, you will meet face to face with the team responsible for producing your piece of furniture. We will create the perfect lounge or recliner that you’ve been dreaming of and will work closely with you to make sure it is exactly what you want.

Choice and durability

When it comes to choice, there’s no place like home! Leisure Lounges offers an incredible 300 fabrics and over 30 leathers to choose from. You just don’t get that many options if you look elsewhere.

Plus, your locally made, custom designed furniture is built to last for ten years or even longer. You’ll never regret your decision to buy local!

Contact Leisure Lounges to discuss how we can create the perfect recliner or lounge to suit your home or business - we’ll make it right here in Australia.