The Alexandria Lounge is one of the most versatile lounges in the Leisure Lounges showroom. Its basic design is simplistic, yet the Alexandria Lounge lends itself to being much more than a simple lounge.

Since every part of the Alexandria Lounge can be custom made, it can be made to order to fit your needs. With its sturdy solid wood base and steel framed legs, this lounge can easily be adapted to a sofabed or divan. It’s perfect for those times when guests arrive and you need that extra sleeping space.

In fact, every part of your Alexandria can be customized to your exact specifications. We can make it longer, shorter, wider, narrower, higher or lower. Even the height of the arm- and back rests can be adjusted to your desired height.

Cushions and more cushions for the Alexandria Lounge

The Alexandria Lounge comes standard with Dunlop foam seats and back rests. However, since it can be made bigger or smaller to suit your needs, you can have as many cushions as you like, made to the exact size you need.

With its simplistic design, the Alexandria Lounge can be placed to accompany any other lounges you already have. If you simply need more seating but don’t want to buy a whole new lounge set, you can choose from our wide range of lounge fabrics. You are sure to find one that will go with any existing seating arrangement you have. In fact, why not reupholster all your lounges for a fresh, new look?

To make it even more comfortable, why not pair your new Alexandria Lounge with one of our wide range of ottomans? Both can be covered in the same style fabric to make for beautiful and comfortable seating anywhere you need it.

Don’t wait. Contact Leisure Lounges today to discuss how you can get your own Alexandria Lounge at a price you can afford.